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Somish Blockchain Labs, a technology and product development business founded in 2006 specializes in creating automated systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies. They have been serving top-line customers with their capacity to redesign, build, and deploy an automation system for more than ten years.

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  • Founded in 2006 Somish specializes in creating automated systems.

  • Somish is a Blockchain Venture Studio with a deep specialization in DeFi & Smart Contract Auditing.

  • In 2017, Ish founded GovBlocks.

  • In 2017, Ish joined Nexus Mutual.

  • In 2020, Ish founded PlotX.

The founders learned about blockchain technology in 2015 while researching the London Fintech Ecosystem. At that point, they made the decision to change their business strategy and focus on developing blockchain solutions for corporations, cryptocurrency startups, and governments.

They spent a year researching blockchain technology and ended up winning the London Blockchain Week Hackathon in Jan 2017. Since then, the Somish team has worked with Fortune 500 companies, governments & startups all across the globe, building Web 3.0 solutions using blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Hyper ledger, EOS, Stellar, Corda, and others.

Founded by Ish Goel, a serial entrepreneur Somish Labs' services include Blockchain Consulting (DeFi, Exchanges, Enterprise, Government), Blockchain Application Development (Entire Systems, Web Apps, Mobile apps), DeFi (Liquidity Offering, Incentive Design, Governance), and Security Audits (Smart Contracts, Inter-protocol risk analysis).

Mr. Goel, who takes pride in being one of Asia's Top Blockchain Companies, is a Computer Science graduate with 10+ years of experience across BFSI, Government, and Retail. Ish is also a Blockchain Speaker, Trainer, and Architect. Besides having a solid tech background, Ish is a passionate musician and a trained Tabla, Flute, and Piano player.

Ish started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 18 under his father Shiv Saran Goel’s guidance, where he built automation solutions for Public Sector Projects in India. His notable projects include City level automation for Municipal Solid Waste Management, Loan Accounting Automation at National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation, and Pension Automation at Delhi Development Authority.

In 2014, Goel founded ShopFilo - India's first daily essentials mobile app with a products-on-rack display. ShopFilo was India's first B2B provider to sell dairy, groceries, personal care, household items, and stationery items via its website and mobile app to India's HoReCa and institutional sector.

In 2017, Goel founded GovBlocks - an open, permissionless protocol for decentralized governance powered by curation networks, enabling adaptability, self-sustainability, and easy management of blockchain networks. GovBlocks protocol provides an enhanced and dynamic governance layer- capable of managing a large, varied, and constantly growing range of factors of blockchain networks, bringing together the best of on-chain & off-chain models that exist today.

Ish was involved with Nexus Mutual since its inception. His role was to lead a team of blockchain and full-stack developers responsible for building Nexus Mutual from scratch. From idea to MVP [minimum viable product] and MVP to production.

Nexus Mutual offers a peer-to-peer alternative to Insurance. Built using the Ethereum blockchain, Nexus Mutual is a platform that creates insurance products with community-driven management and financials. Its first product is Smart Contract Cover, which protects against smart contract vulnerabilities for smart contracts used on various decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

In 2020, Ish founded PlotX, a Web3 gaming startup, on a mission to build skill-based games in the Play2Earn category. PlotX has 100,000+ users, growing at 144% MoM in 7 months of launch. The company raised $7.5m in VC funding and is now on its journey of charting 1 million users.

Check out Ish's podcast where he shares his knowledge about blockchain.

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